Takasaki City Softball Field UTSUGI STADIUM
Enquiries: 027-393-6571
Facility Information
The Takasaki City Softball Field UTSUGI STADIUM, is the first purpose-made softball field in the city to be equipped with viewing stands.
Takasaki City is well known for its club softball teams, which have a reputation for producing top-class players, often going on to represent the Japanese National Women’s Softball Team.
Softball, one of the official sporting disciplines at 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, will draw a high level of attention as a sport where Japan will be expected to get a medal.
The UTSUGI STADIUM, has been designed to cater for both national and international level softball tournaments, with the aim of further promoting an attractive city through sports.
Designed in accordance with ISF (International Softball Federation) rules, the artificial turf fair territory stretches over 76.2 m from the home base for men, and over 67.06 m for women, with the portable fencing allowing for a maximum possible fair territory of up to 80.0 m.
The viewing stands consist of 850 fixed seats, 8 seats for wheelchair users, and 1200 temporary seats, giving a total of 2058 seats.
Viewing Stands
Viewing Stands
Viewing area for wheelchair users
Viewing area for wheelchair users
Multipurpose Toilet
Multipurpose Toilet
The toilets employ universal design, with a large number of stalls for use during tournaments.
The toilets employ universal design, with a large number of stalls for use during tournaments.
The type of artificial turf used, is “Hibrid Turf®- Exciting”, (also used at the Meiji Jingu Stadium), which replicates ball bouncing properties similar to those of natural turf, whilst exhibiting durability and suppleness, making this one of the highest performing products of its kind in the world. This is the first time for this product to be used at a purpose-made softball field in Japan.
The scoreboard has a full-colour LED display. The layout of the score, points, player’s names etc., can be changed freely. Aside from showing the score, the screen can also be used to display videos, and it is possible to control the screen remotely from inside the stadium. It can also be used as a clock or 20-second timer especially for softball. In the case of a disaster, emergency information can be displayed.
First Softball Field
The lighting tower employs LED technology, allowing the lights be turned on and off in an instant. It is also possible to use the lighting at 50% intensity.
The lighting adheres to JIS (Japan Industrial standards), providing the highest level of lighting for international and national sporting tournaments where viewers are present.
The actual measured value for light intensity at the facility, has an average of 901 lux at the inner field (minimum JIS requirement is 750 lux), and the outer field has an average of 511 lux (minimum JIS requirement is 500 lux).
Second Softball Field
Surface Specifications: Inner field – Clay, Outer field – Natural turf.
Facility Information: Both wings and centre - 80 metres long. Equipped with Dugout and Bullpen.
[By Bus]
From Takasaki Station
  • Gururin 5 Oyagi Line (For Kita Koko・Hamagawa Gym Route *Outbound*)
    Takasaki Station West Exit – Takasaki Kita Koko mae or Idemachi Nishi
    (required time: approx. 34 mins)
    3 mins walk from the bus stop after getting off.
  • Gunma Bus 21 Kamitsuke-no-sato Line (Takasaki Station -> Ide -> Sōmagahara Jieitaimae -> Shinto Village Hall)
    Takasaki Station – Ide Jujiro (required time: approx. 19 mins)
    5 mins walk from the bus stop after getting off.
    (Caution: reduced service on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)
From Maebashi Station
  • Kan-etsu Kotsu Tsuchiya Bummei Bungakukan Line (Maebashi Station -> Mitsudera -> Tsuchiya Bummei Bungakukan)
    Maebashi Station -> Ide Nishi (required time: approx. 26 mins)
    3 mins walk from the bus stop after getting off.
[By Car]
  • Taking the Kan-etsu Expressway, 15 mins from Maebashi Interchange.
    There are 100 parking spots available on the premises.