Shimizu Zenzo Memorial Tennis Courts
Enquiries: 027-393-6441
Facility Information
Facility Name
The courts were named after the local tennis player, Zenzo Shimizu, who hailed from Misato Town in Takasaki City. In the aim of passing on the legacy of his achievements to future generations, and with the hope of being admired by the children of Takasaki as a hallowed ground for tennis, the courts we named the “Shimizu Zenzo Memorial Tennis Courts”.
The first Japanese player
to compete at Wimbledon
In 1920, Zenzo Shimizu became the first Japanese tennis player to compete at one of the 4 International Grand Slam tournaments, The Championships, Wimbledon, where he faced the American player Bill Tilden in the semi-final, who many said was the best player in the world at the time. Shimizu played an easy-to-return ball after his opponent had slipped following a shot, and in doing so, conveyed the message of the Japanese Fair-play spirit to the world. This episode is often found in school textbooks, and he became well known thanks to this. To this day, tennis tournaments are still held in his name, keeping his legacy alive.
One of the best tennis facilities
in the country.
Including the main court, there is a total of 21 semi-hard courts. The courts are finished in the same colour scheme as the courts at the US open, one of the 4 Grand Slam venues, with blue inner-courts and green outer-courts. On the main court, the fixed seating can accommodate up to 300 viewers, whilst the grass banks can accommodate over 700 viewers, giving a total viewing capacity of approximately 1000 viewers.
In addition, there is a 2-storey steel-framed clubhouse, where you will find a commemorative exhibition full of pictures of Zenzo Shimizu and other memorabilia, such as actual tournament programs. The 4 courts, primarily used for semi-final matches, are fully lit for night time play and there is also viewing deck which stretches about 100 metres.
Tennis Court Information
Number of Courts 21 Courts (including 1 Main Court: approx. 300 fixed seats and 700 grass bank seats. Maximum capacity approx. 1000 people)
Court Type (Surface) Semi-hard courts (DecoTurf: same spec as Ariake Coliseum)
Court Colour Same colouring as US Open venue (inner court: blue, outer court: green)
Total Court Area 17,700 m²
Total Other Paved Areas 16,800 m²
Viewing Deck Area 490 m² (Steel Frame, Walkway width 5 m, Deck Height 3 m)
Administration Room Area 32 m²
Structure Steel Frame Construction, 2 floors above ground level (with roof terrace)
Total Floor Space 870.19 m²
Opening Hours
8:30 - 21:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 8:30 - 17:00)
Closed Days
New Year’s Period (December 29th to January 3rd)
Large Changing Rooms
Large Changing Rooms
Universal Design Multipurpose Toilets
Universal Design Multipurpose Toilets
The clubhouse is for users of the tennis courts and park.
The facilities include toilets, changing rooms and showers, which all employ universal design, and also have an elevator which goes up to the roof level.
afé Lounge
Café Lounge
On the second floor, there is a café lounge, which serves light meals and drinks, with a commemorative exhibition corner full of Zenzo Shimizu memorabilia.
There is also a terrace and a rooftop from which you can enjoy watching the tennis courts.
Main Court
Main Court
Main Court
Administration Room
Administration Room, which overlooks all the courts.
Multipurpose toilets, which employ universal design.
Multipurpose toilets, which employ universal design.
Court Composition
The courts employ DecoTurf, the same semi-hard surface as used at the Ariake Coliseum and the US Open. This multi-layered surface is composed of synthetic resins, which are layered on top of an asphalt base.
Tennis Court Lighting
8 LED-type flood lights, which illuminate 4 courts, enable use during evening hours. The lighting fulfils international tournament standards, “providing at least 1076 lux of light intensity when measuring at a height of 1 m above ground level”.
Double Courts
Quad Courts
The Shimizu Zenzo Tennis Courts consist of the Main Court, and 20 regular courts (Twin and Quad courts), giving a total of 21 courts, which can accommodate for a wide variety of tournaments.
All of the courts are surrounded by an 80 cm high fence on the sidelines, allowing viewing from all the aisles.
Each aisle has covered areas and benches for comfortable viewing.
Viewing Deck
In the Tennis Area above the central aisle, there is a 3 m high, 5 m wide viewing deck, which allows viewing of the courts from a higher position.
Main Court Seating
The seating stands at the main court can accommodate up to 300 viewers, whilst the grass viewing banks can accommodate up to 700 viewers, giving a total capacity of 1000 viewers.
User Guidelines
❶ Use of courts with a reservation.
Reservations can be made from the link below (Japanese only, registration required).
❷ Use of courts without a reservation.
The courts can also be used without a reservation.
Please call the number below to check if there are any available courts, then come directly to the courts.
Reservations cannot be made over the phone.
Regarding use of the courts for tournaments etc., please call the Shimizu Zenzo Memorial Tennis Courts (Tel: 027-393-6441 – Office Hours: 8:30 - 17:00, Japanese support)
Time Slot
Morning Afternoon Evening
8:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 21:00
Private Use (Group)
per court
¥720 ¥1,070 ¥960
Personal Use (Individual) High School Age and Below ¥160
¥2,420 per person
per fiscal year
All Other Users ¥160
¥4,840 per person
per fiscal year
Meeting Room ¥590 ¥830 ¥590
Tournament Admin Room ¥590 ¥830 ¥590
Auxiliary Facilities
Nighttime Lighting Private Use (Group) ¥370 per court
per hour
Personal Use (Individual) ¥100 per person
per hour
Broadcasting Equipment (1 Set) Morning ¥660
Afternoon ¥660
Evening ¥660
Shower Room
Shower (Hot Water)
¥660 per group
per hour
¥100 per 10 mins
Coin Lockers ¥100 per locker
per use
Precautionary Notes
  • Before entering the courts, please come to the reception, and after paying or showing your season pass, take a winder handle with you to the court.
  • After finishing play, please return all equipment to its original place, and return the winder handle to the reception.
  • To prevent injury and damage to the courts, please wear dedicated tennis shoes.
    Please do not wear tennis shoes with black soles.
  • Please allow enough time for preparation, tidying up and cleaning within your allotted time.
  • Please do not use courts other than the ones you have been assigned.
  • Smoking and eating/drinking on the courts is prohibited (drinking for hydration purposes is allowed). If you spill a soft drink, please clean it up and rinse away with clean water.
  • Please take rubbish/plastic bottles home with you.
  • Please use a rubber matt when placing benches or umpire chairs on the courts.
  • Please do not strike the courts with hard objects. Hitting the courts intentionally with a racket is strictly prohibited.
  • When using a ball basket or squeegee, please avoid hitting the court with any hard part of the equipment. The court may be damaged by worn casters or deteriorated rubber mats etc.
  • If for any reason heavy objects with small contact points are left for prolonged periods on the courts, it may result in dents or deformation etc. of the court.
  • If the courts, facilities or any equipment are damaged, the user is held responsible for any repairs. Please inform the staff immediately.
  • The courts may be slippery when wet.
  • In the case of an accident, injury or lost property, given there is no negligence from the staff, the facility administrators shall not be held responsible.
  • Sports other than tennis are prohibited within the facilities. Please avoid acts of nuisance to other users or people in the vicinity when using the facilities.
※If you cannot abide by the rules above, it may result in not being allowed to use the facilities.
Access Map
[By Bus]
From Takasaki Station
  • Gururin 5 Oyagi Line (For Kita Koko・Hamagawa Gym Route *Outbound*)
    Takasaki Station West Exit – Takasaki Kita Koko mae or Idemachi Nishi
    (required time: approx. 34 mins)
    8 mins walk from the bus stop after getting off.
  • Gunma Bus 21 Kamitsuke-no-sato Line (For Takasaki Station – Kamisato-guchi・Ide – Shinto Village Hall)
    Takasaki Station – Ide Jujiro(required time: approx. 23 mins)
    10 mins walk from the bus stop after getting off.
    (Caution: reduced service on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)
From Maebashi Station (North Exit)
  • Kan-etsu Kotsu Tsuchiya Bummei Bungakukan Line (Maebashi Station – Mitsudera – Tsuchiya Bummei Bungakukan)
    Maebashi Station – Ide Nishi (required time: approx. 26 mins)
    8 mins walk from the bus stop after getting off.
[By Car]
  • Taking the Kan-etsu Expressway, 15 mins from Maebashi Interchange.
    Parking is available on the premises (passenger vehicles approx. 350 spots, coaches/buses 13 spots).