Theatre Concept
Creativity and Communication
Progress and Tradition
One of the largest live performance theatres
in Japan is just north of Tokyo.
The Takasaki City Theatre was completed on September 20, 2019, as a new and greatly evolved facility that still carries on the history and spirit of its predecessor, the Gunma Music Center, which had been built in 1961. Conveniently located near the East Exit of Takasaki Station, the hall is used to create and communicate the new Takasaki urban culture while also drawing in artists and audiences from around the world with its various activities based on new concepts and ventures.
The Grand Theatre has 2,027 seats designed and arranged for music, drama and all other forms of live performance, new and old, from the East to the West. The Studio Theatre is perfect for rock concerts, plays, and traditional Japanese performing arts, such as dance and Noh, while the Concert Hall, with its 412 seats, is the first authentic hall exclusively for music in Gunma. The theatre also boasts nine individual studios for rehearsals and lessons, truly making this a complex where appreciation and creation go hand in hand.
Facility Overview
Location 9-1 Sakae-cho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, 370-0841 Japan
Site area 10,984.10
Building area 8,814.15
Total floor area 27,203.96
Construction type Steel-framed reinforced concrete, partially steel-framed, reinforced concrete
Number of floors 8 above ground, 1 basement level
Facility Details (1) Grand Theatre
2,027 seats(including 5 wheelchair spaces)
(2) Studio Theatre 389-568 seats
 (including 1 wheelchair space)  Seating configuration is flexible; when all seats are removed there is standing space for approximately 1,000 people plus the additional 98 on the 2nd floor.
(3) Concert Hall 412 seats(including 1 wheelchair space)
(4) Creative Spaces
  Rehearsal hall 1 (330 m²)
  Lesson rooms 3 (23 m² each)
  Studios 5 (23 m²-41 m² each)
User Services Facilities & Ticketing
Cafe & Restaurant
Message from the Mayor
Kenji Tomioka, Mayor of Takasaki City
A New Hall of Fame for the Performing Arts
Kenji Tomioka, Mayor of Takasaki City
Takasaki City Theatre, a new hall of fame for music and performing arts, has opened its doors.
The Takasaki City Theatre was built on the foundation of the Gunma Music Center, which has nurtured the history of "Takasaki, the City of Music". The Gunma Music Center was built in 1961 with the help of the citizens of Takasaki. With the Gunma Music Center, we have had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of music, performing arts, and so many moving moments. The Takasaki City Theatre is a new theatre that continues and evolves the history and spirit of the Gunma Music Center.
The Takasaki City Theatre will feature various stage performances, including concerts and musicals by artists many of you would like to see, as well as new age productions and expressions structurally unavailable at the Gunma Music Center. The center also has excellent acoustics, which is necessary for the Gunma Symphony Orchestra, based in Takasaki, to further enhance its creativity. In addition, it will provide a comfortable environment where any audience can enjoy the performing arts, and deliver a more fulfilling experience than ever before. Takasaki has developed as a city that attracts people from not only Gunma Prefecture, but also from Hokuriku, Shinetsu, Northern Kanto, and the greater Tokyo Area. The Takasaki City Theatre will further refine the culture of "Takasaki, the City of Music" and widely promote Takasaki as a city where many exciting exchanges take place.
Please look forward to the new encounters with the performing arts that the Takasaki City Theatre will create.
December 2010
Established the strategic vision for attracting visitors to Takasaki
August 2011
Announced the policy for the development of facilities to attract visitors to the city, including the development of the then tentatively named Takasaki Arts and Culture Center, featuring a concert hall
September 2012
Established the Citizens' Advisory Council for the preparation of facilities to attract visitors to the city
August 2013
Established plans to use the facilities to attract visitors to the city
December 2013
Conducted a proposal to select an architect for the Takasaki Arts and Culture Center
September 2014
Commissioned advisors for the construction and operation of the Takasaki Arts and Culture Center and the new gymnasium
January 2016
Completed the design for the Takasaki Arts and Culture Center
June 2016
Executed a contract for the construction of the Takasaki Arts and Culture Center after a resolution from the City Council.
August 2016
Commenced construction of the Takasaki City Theatre
February 2018
Announced the official name of the facility as the Takasaki City Theatre
September 20, 2019
Opened the Takasaki City Theatre