Creative Spaces
  • Studio 31
  • Studio 32
  • Studio 33
  • Studio 41
  • Studio 42
  • Rehearsal Halls
Creative spaces to produce the extraordinary
Everyone, from the big stars like the Gunma Symphony Orchestra to the budding local artists, needs a proper space to unleash their inner creative spirits. That is why the theatre comes equipped with nine individual creative spaces, which provide flexible support for a wide range of productions and creative endeavors. The rehearsal hall has the same scale as the actual grand theatre's stage, perfect for running dress rehearsals, while the other studios are suitable for daily workshops and lessons.
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Main Uses
◯Rehearsals, practice workshops, lessons
◯Rehearsal hall 1 (330 m²)
◯Lesson rooms 3 (28 m²)
◯Studios 5 (23 m²-41 m²)