Studio Theatre
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  • Inside the hall (from the audience seats 1)
  • Inside the hall (from the audience seats 2)
  • Inside the hall
  • Inside the hall (when the Noh stage is installed)
A flexible space
with endless possibilities.
The depth of the stage can be adjusted and it can also be changed to be on the same level as the audience—almost anything is possible. With a combination of 568 fixed and moveable seats, the space can be utilized as a mid-sized theatre, which is suitable for many different kinds of performances including plays, dances, and Noh. Seats can also be removed for events such as rock concerts and accommodate a standing audience of up to 1,000 people. The interior is designed in black tones and the entire ceiling is equipped with battens.The stage, dressing rooms, and loading yard are all located on the same floor for maximum efficiency.
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  • Seating Chart
Seating Capacity
◯When the stage is set to a depth of 5.4 meters:
  Total 568 seats (1 wheelchair space)
◯When the stage is set to a depth of 9.0 meters:
  Total 466 seats (1 wheelchair space)
◯When the stage is set to a depth of 12.6 meters:
  Total 389 seats (1 wheelchair space)
◯Standing room only:
  Approximately 1,000 people on the 1st floor plus
98 additional seats on the 2nd floor.

※Other configurations of stage and seating are also possible.
Stage Dimensions
◯Width: 18 meters
◯Depth: 5.4, 9.0, and 12.6 meters
 (stage lift can be used to alter the depth)
 Ceiling clearance: 7.5 meters
Loading Yard
◯Main loading yard: five 11 ton truck capacity (shared by all three halls)