Grand Theatre
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Boasting one of the largest stages in Japan, this
sophisticated, multipurpose hall is full of ambiance.
The stage mechanisms make a wide range of large scale productions possible. The stage itself is one of the largest in the country, thus it is able to accommodate both major musical performances and dramatic productions. Drawn in by the sheer scale of a production, the audience almost feels as if they are a part of the action.
The acoustics provides the same authenticity of sound as in a dedicated concert hall.The seats spread out in the gentle shape of a fan. This configuration was designed with an aging society in mind. The loading yard was constructed for ease of use by stage staff.
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Seating Capacity
Total of 2,027 seats, including 5 wheelchair spaces
(divided among the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and LR section)
Stage Specs
◯Stage type: Proscenium
  Width: 18–28 meters
  Depth: 21 meters
  Height: 11–14 meters
◯Acoustical sound panels
  Width: 23 meters
  Depth: 14 meters
  Height: 14 meters
Loading Yard
◯Main loading yard: five 11 ton truck capacity (shared by all three halls)
◯Sub loading yard: one 11 ton truck capacity
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