Directions & Parking
[By Train]
It takes approximately 5 minutes on
foot from JR Takasaki Station.
Joetsu / Hokuriku Shinkansen
 Tokyo Station-Takasaki Station (About 50 minutes)
Joetsu Shinkansen
 Niigata Station-Takasaki Station (about 80 minutes)
Hokuriku Shinkansen
 Nagano Station-Takasaki Station (about 50 minutes)
 Kanazawa Station-Takasaki Station (about 120 minutes)
[By Car]
Kan-etsu Expressway
 Nerima IC-Takasaki IC,
 Takasaki Tamamura SIC,
 Fujioka IC
 (about 60 minutes)
 Niigata Nishi IC-Maebashi IC,
 Takasaki IC
 (about 150 minutes)
Joshin-etsu Expressway
 Nagano IC-Yoshii IC
 (about 90 minutes)
Kita-Kanto Expressway
 Mito Minami IC-Takasaki IC,
 Takasaki Tamamura Smart IC
 (about 90 minutes)
※Takasaki City Theatre does not have a private parking lot or affiliated parking lot
There is no dedicated or affiliated parking lot at Takasaki City Theatre.
Information about the free Takasaki City Theatre Shuttle Service
While there is no parking available directly at the theatre, visitors may use one of the conveniently located car parks nearby. A shuttle service is available between the Takasaki City Theatre, Takasaki Station, and the following car parks: West Park 1000 and Art Park Takasaki Higashi. For more information about the shuttle service, please see below (note that the links are only available in Japanese).
Available Location West Park 1000
 Pedestrian walkway on the 1st floor
Art Park Takasaki Higashi
 Pedestrian walkway on the 1st floor
Takasaki Station East Exit
 Bus terminal (No.5)
Takasaki City Theatre
 Next to the entrance on the 1st floor
(in the Nihon Chuo Kotsu Co.,Ltd)
Dates of operation Days of performances at
Takasaki City Theatre's Grand Theatre
Operating Hours Before the show
From two hours before the show begins

1)West Park 1000Takasaki City Theatre
2)Art Park Takasaki HigashiTakasaki Station East Exit Bus Terminal (No.5)Takasaki City Theatre
After the show
Until about one hour after the show ends

1)Takasaki City TheatreWest Park 1000
2)Takasaki City TheatreTakasaki Station East Exit Bus Terminal (No.5)
Art Park Takasaki Higashi

Interval approx. 5min.
*During busy times, passengers may be required to wait 10-15 minutes.
Cost Free of charge
Number of passengers up to 9 (in the jumbo cab)
*If the bus is full, you may be unable to board.
*The theatre does not provide parking validation for West Park 1000 or Art Park Takasaki Higashi.
*This service is operated in consideration of preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • 「高崎芸術劇場シャトル」のご案内