Accessibility Information
Takasaki City Theatre is equipped with ramps and lifts in various areas. Visitors with disabilities and those in wheelchairs can also come into the theatre with ease.
For information on how to get to your seat in each hall, please refer to this PDF (Japanese only).
Accessible Parking
Takasaki City Theatre is a cooperating facility for the "Accessible Parking Use Certificate System" promoted by Gunma Prefecture and is equipped with accessible parking.
Accessible parking is available to those who have been issued an "Accessible Parking Use Certificate". When using the parking lot, please display the certificate on the rear view mirror of your car. Please note that the number of accessible parking spaces is limited.
Ticket holders for performances held at the theatre who wish to use an accessible parking space are asked to contact the Takasaki City Theatre (tel: +81-27-321-7300) at least one day in advance.
  • For more information about how to acquire and use the "Accessible Parking User Certificate", please see here (information is from the Takasaki City official website, Japanese only).
Rental Wheelchair Service
Rental wheelchairs are available for use in the theatre and can be found at both the 1st and 2nd floor entrances. We do not accept reservations in advance, but wheelchairs are available free of charge for those who are injured or unwell. Please ask our staff if you need a wheelchair.
Wheelchair Accessible Lift (with braille)
All lifts in the facility are wheelchair accessible.
Entrance lobby 2 units
Grand Theatre foyer 1 unit
Space for Wheelchair Users
Wheelchair spaces are allocated in the auditoriums of each hall.
However, depending on the event, wheelchair seating may not be available. Please refer to the organizer of each event for details.
Multipurpose Restrooms
Stomy friendly, multipurpose restrooms are located in the theatre lobby (1st through 4th floors) and also in the foyers of each hall. These toilets can be used by people with disabilities and visitors with small children.
Assistance Dogs
Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs are welcome. (Please refrain from bringing pets).
*However, please confirm with the organizer of the specific event regarding how to attend with an assistance dog in advance.
Baby Changing Stations and Nursing Rooms
Baby changing stations can be found in the multipurpose restrooms mentioned above or in the nursing room located in the 2nd floor entrance hall.
An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is available for those who have a cardiac arrest emergency.